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Adams Canyon

A scenic canyon with a waterfall in Northern Wasatch forest


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Adams Canyon is located off Highway 89 in Layton, Utah. A scenic hike with 435-m (1,427-ft elevation gain) leads through the forest, into the canyon, and to a 12-m (39-ft) waterfall. The trail to the canyon is 6-km (3.7-mi) both ways. It's best hiked from late spring to early fall. In October the forest full of scrub oak and white pine displays some fantastic foliage, while in early summer wildflowers are everywhere. Adams Canyon Trail, following the North Fork of Holms Creek, is an excellent way to start Bonneville Shoreline Trail that is going through a series of breathtaking switchbacks.

Adams Canyon Trail can be reached by Highway 89 from Salt Lake City. It can be done in 3-4 hours. Be ready to get wet during several stream crossings. Once hikers get to the canyon, the trail becomes more rocky and steep with a moderate climb closer to the waterfall. The waterfall has a small pond at its foot.

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