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Poe Canyon Adventure

Have no fear and looking for an unforgettable adventure? Well, get ready for the most challenging canyoneering ever for professional groups only


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Poe Canyon, Smiling Cricket, or L' Canyon is one of the most remote and extreme places for canyoneering located in the area of Lake Powell. It requires the best gear, best rock climbers, and highly skilled cannyoneers. Only well trained and skilled groups can try this activity, never go alone.

This spot can be deadly dangerous for beginners or unexperienced enthusiasts. Never do this crazy thing if you are not well prepared and physically fit enough for that, do not underestimate the difficulty of this canyon. This challenging canyon is known for its numerous potholes. This place will require serious climbing, partner support, and boosting and wading through. This is a tough adventure for the fearless.

Spring (March–May) and fall (September–November) are the best seasons to challenge yourself in this dangerous place.

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