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Bocce in Boston

This ancient bowling game which comes from the Roman Empire is nowadays quite popular in Boston


Bocce or Italian bowling is an ancient game originating from the Roman Empire. Thanks to Italian immigrants, nowadays it is enjoyed in different corners of the world, including Boston. Langone Park in the North End of the city hosts three bocce courts. Visitors are welcome to watch professionals play, and also partake themselves in a round or two during the season betwee​n April and September. If you don't feel like doing any sports, you can simply watch the Italian game with some delicious cannoli—an Italian pastry is sold in this neighbourhood.

Practical info

When is the best time to play bocce in Boston?

Bocce can be played in Boston between April and September when Langone Park in North End hosts three bocce courts. During this season, visitors can watch professionals and join in as well. Spring-to-autumn allows people to enjoy outdoor activities like bocce under mild weather. However, it may become crowded during peak seasons, and players might need to wait for their turn. Show more

Where can I find bocce courts in Boston?

Langone Park in North End has three bocce courts open only between April and September. The park is accessible by bus and ferry. The location also has several Italian restaurants to explore. While bocce equipment is available for rent closeby, it is better to book in advance due to high demand for the courts. Show more

What is the history of bocce in Boston?

Italian immigrants introduced bocce to Boston, and it became popular in the North End neighbourhood, known for its Italian-American culture. Langone Park preserves this cultural heritage. People of all skill levels come together to celebrate this tradition, making it a fascinating site for tourists. The annual Saint Anthony's Feast, a festival with a bocce tournament, also honours the game's cultural significance. Show more

What is the significance of cannoli in the North End neighbourhood?

Cannoli is a pastry that has become an essential part of North End's cultural identity. Being an Italian neighbourhood, the North End offers visitors a unique opportunity to try this dish. Cannoli is often enjoyed by people while watching bocce games or during Italian festivals. Cannoli can be found in nearby bakeries and restaurants. Some of the bakeries sell the best cannoli available outside of Italy. Show more

Can I watch professionals play bocce in Boston for free?

Langone Park in the North End neighbourhood hosts local professionals' bocce games, and they can be watched for free. The park allows visitors to learn the game's nuances and get the opportunity to watch the players showing off their skills. However, the park is usually crowded, and seats are limited. If individuals are unable to find a suitable location, they might consider coming back later or booking a spot in advance. Show more

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