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Chicago Pride Parade & Fest 2024

A colorful celebration of freedom, diversity and culture

Dates: June 22–23, 2024 (Fest) | June 30, 2024 (Parade)

Chicago Pride Parade & Fest
Chicago Pride Parade & Fest
Chicago Pride Parade & Fest
Chicago Pride Parade & Fest
Lake View
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June is Chicago's Pride month, with many events and celebrations throughout the city, which usually ends with a grand finale—the Chicago Pride Parade on the last Sunday in June. Historically, Pride events date back to the 1970's and 1980's. Currently, the Pride month consists of about one hundred different social, cultural, athletic, and political events in different areas of Chicago—choral concerts, workshops, dances, picnics, plays, movies, runs, and more.

Chicago Pride Fest

This annual celebration marks its 23rd edition as the precursor to the renowned Chicago Pride Parade. It promises a two-day street event with various activities, live music on the three stages, and over 150 food and merchandise vendors on June 22-23 from 11 am to 10 pm. The primary entrance to the festival is located at the intersection of Halsted and Addison. Alternative gates are available at Halsted & Broadway/Grace, Halsted & Waveland, and Broadway & Waveland.


The festival's highlights include one of the best of Chicago's drag performances. The Proud Pet Parade adds a furry flair to the festivities, inviting attendees to showcase their beloved animal companions in a lively procession with prizes and accolades. In addition to entertainment, Chicago Pride Fest is a platform for meaningful dialogue and engagement. Guest speakers share insights and perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues, fostering awareness and understanding within the community and beyond. The festival boasts a Youth Pride Space, providing a safe and inclusive environment for teenagers to engage with peers and allies.


Admission to Chicago Pride Fest is granted by a $15 donation, which directly supports performers, festival workers, and local non-profits. Proceeds also bolster community programs such as the Chicago Pride Crosswalks initiative, commemorating LGBTQ+ pride with rainbow-paved intersections, forming the longest installation of its kind globally.

Transportation and Parking

Public transportation is highly recommended for the Chicago Pride Fest attendees due to anticipated heavy vehicle traffic. Convenient access is provided via various bus routes, including 8, 22, 36, 77, 80, 146, 151, and 152, with navigation assistance available through the CTA Trip Planner. Additionally, ride services such as Uber and Lyft, along with traditional taxicabs, offer convenient alternatives. Chicago's Divvy bikes are available for rental for those keen on eco-friendly commuting.

According to the organizers, street parking is available on a pay-to-park basis with parking apps like Park Chicago. Alternatively, nearby public parking lots, accessible through parking apps like Spot Hero, offer additional parking options for attendees.


The 53rd annual Chicago Pride Parade is set to kick off at 11 am on Sunday, June 30, 2024. As one of the city's most anticipated events, over a million people are anticipated to line the parade route across diverse neighborhoods, starting in Uptown, passing through Lakeview, and concluding in Lincoln Park. For prime viewing spots, the Boystown section of North Halsted Street, between Belmont Avenue and Grace Street, offers an ideal vantage point to immerse oneself in the festivities.

Each year, the parade has an international theme or slogan. This year, participants will march under the theme "Pride is Power," reflecting the collective strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. With its vibrant floats, colorful costumes, and infectious energy, the parade is a celebration of unity and diversity.

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