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Olives and Olive Oil in Ibiza 2024

The olive oil festival is the best occasion to observe the centuries-old methods of olive oil production and indulge oneself with oil-flavoured delights

Best time: November–December

Olives and Olive Oil
Olives and Olive Oil

Locals love to drizzle this palatable nutritional liquid on anything starting from breakfast toasts with freshly chopped tomatoes. Olives have been cultivated in Ibiza since long ago, and today it boasts a few varieties: some are mild, while others—more flavoured and some even with a hint of spice. Today, Ibiza has two modern oil mills that produce high-quality oils and to help the customers recognize locally made products the bottles are marked with the stamp saying "Oil d'E." The letter "E" stands for Eivissa which is the Catalan name denoting Ibiza. Traditionally, olive oil production was quite strenuous but at the same time a jolly procedure that drew together entire communities. Olive oil festival held in mid-November in San Antoni exposes the visitors to that traditional procedure and offers fine olive oil snacks.

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