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Horseback Riding in Jordan

Though camels and donkeys are more authentic, the most convenient way to explore Jordan is still an Arabic horse

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

If you lack the patience to endure the quiet leisurely trip atop of a camel or even worse—on a donkey, you can opt for a more ordinary but dynamic horseback riding holiday. The sandy white and pink landscapes which are justly called moonscapes are truly magnificent, especially the Wadi Rum desert with its sandstone mountains, caravan roads, weathered plateaus, and of course genuine Bedouin dwellers. Another prominent site to be explored on horseback is definitely the pink and sandy ancient Petra is known​ as the mysterious 'Hidden City.' The optimal climate conditions for such an adventure is spring and autumn.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Jordan for a horseback riding trip?

The ideal months to visit Jordan for horseback riding are March to May and September to November. The climate is mild and comfortable during these seasons, providing a better experience than the hot summer months. Heat can also spoil the fun of a horseback ride through the Wadi Rum or Petra. Hence, it is best not to visit during peak summer months. This will ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience on your horseback riding trip. Show more

Where are some good places to go horseback riding in Jordan?

Jordan offers excellent horseback riding experiences in some of its most popular destinations. Lawrence of Arabia's Wadi Rum desert is one such location. The ancient city of Petra is another popular destination due to its unique desert terrain. The Ajloun Forest Reserve and the Dana Biosphere Reserve are the other scenic, natural environments that provide an incredible experience for horseback riding enthusiasts. Tour operators in Jordan can customize your trip based on your preferences and skill levels. Show more

What type of landscapes and terrains can I expect to see while horseback riding in Jordan?

The natural landscapes of Jordan are stunning and offer a unique experience for horseback riding enthusiasts. The Wadi Rum desert is a natural wonder, with towering sandstone mountains, plateaus, and thousands of years old caravan roads. Horseback riding through Petra is also surreal and offers a fascinating experience in exploring its peculiar rock formations and ancient monuments. Additionally, the Ajloun Forest Reserve and the Dana Biosphere Reserve provide distinct environments for exploring nature on horseback. Show more

Can beginners participate in a horseback riding tour in Jordan?

Horseback riding tours in Jordan cater to riders of all skill levels. Even beginners can enjoy a horseback riding holiday in Jordan, with carefully selected routes led by experienced guides. While prior experience is not necessary, having some physical fitness will be advantageous. Horseback riding can be quite physically demanding. Show more

What is the cultural significance of horseback riding in Jordan?

Horses have been a vital part of Jordanian history and culture for centuries. In Bedouin life, horses were used for transportation, hunting, and warfare. Horseback riding was a necessary skill, and horses were a symbol of wealth and pride. Jordan's horseback riding excursions offer a chance to explore this unique history and culture, providing an up-close experience of ancient times. Exploring these lands on horseback will provide a new culturally immersive experience. Show more

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