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Sand Golf in Jordan

Sand golf courses are no joke. This is the reality of Jordan's deserts—​here golf is played on green mats

Sand Golf

Jordan caters for all the needs of its visitors. If you are a golf lover and feel like you miss the game while being on vacation in this dry and largely desert country, do not fret—for keen golfers there is a patch of land where one can enjoy the game. Located not far from the capital the Bisharat Golf Club is the only golf course found in Jordan, and it offers a picturesque 9-hole sand course set amidst beautiful landscapes. That's right—a sand course as little grass can be found in the area. Golfers play on the green mat, which might appear rather unusual for those who have always been playing on grass, but still new experience. The course is available year-round at a ​request, but the best season for all activities in Jordan including golfing as well is the more moderate spring and fall seasons.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Jordan for sand golfing?

Jordan offers the best time of year for golfing and outdoor activities from March to May and September to November- the moderate spring and fall seasons. Bisharat Golf Club, which is available year-round upon request, is the ideal location for golfing. However, it's best to avoid outdoor activities during summers due to extreme heat. Show more

Where can I find the only golf course in Jordan?

Bisharat Golf Club, located just outside Jordan's capital Amman, is the only golf course in Jordan. The club's 9-hole sand course is picturesque and set in stunning landscapes, offering golfers the unique experience of playing on green mats instead of grass. Besides golfing, visitors can also enjoy other activities such as swimming, tennis, and horseback riding. Show more

What is the unique feature of sand golf in Jordan?

Sand golf in Jordan offers golfers a unique experience. Unlike traditional golf courses, Jordan's sand courses don't have grass. Golfers play on green mats, and the surface textures, weather conditions, and natural obstacles like rocks make it a challenging and exciting game. It may be peculiar, but it's worth trying the innovative Jordan sand courses to test your golfing skills. Show more

How many holes does the Bisharat Golf Club sand course have?

Bisharat Golf Club's sand course in Jordan has nine holes and is located in a picturesque landscape. Despite its smaller size, the course provides an exclusive experience for golf enthusiasts with its unique texture, desert flora, and fauna. The smaller size requires golfers to be creative and skillful to play the course. Besides golfing, visitors can soak in the desert's magnificent views, and relax in the serene ambiance. Show more

Can golfers rent equipment at the Bisharat Golf Club?

Bisharat Golf Club in Jordan provides several amenities for visitors, including storage, restrooms, changing rooms, and rentals like golf carts, mats, and clubs. The club is available year-round upon request, but advanced bookings are advised to secure availability. Apart from golfing, visitors can enjoy other amenities like swimming, tennis, horseback riding, and hiking in the beautiful desert landscapes after playing a fun-filled game of golf at the club. Show more

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