Best time to visit Slovakia

Ice Climbing in Slovakia 2024-2025

The most exciting but at the same time the riskiest winter sport requires excellent climbing skills and good physical shape

Best time: December–March

Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing

Slovakia provides plenty of guided ice-climbing tours with all the necessary equipment. It's a great way to learn this activity and enjoy the nature around. Or you can also choose to do ice-climbing on your own, without any guides. The most suitable spots to do ice-climbing are the Tatra Mountains and Slovenský Raj where you can find waterfalls.

Ice-climbing is available from December until March, but it really depends on weather conditions. The best weather for ice-climbing is between +2 °C and -8 °C. Besides the weather forecast, don't forget to check all details about legal restrictions regarding climbing in the region. At the end of your ice climbing adventure, you will be rewarded with incredible landscape views filled with rocky slopes and snowy trees.

Practical info

What is the ideal duration for your stay in North Korea?

The ideal duration for your stay in North Korea would be four to five days, depending on your interests. During this period, you will have enough time to explore the capital city, visit important historical landmarks, interact with locals, and have an overall understanding of the country's culture and lifestyle. Show more

Is it safe to travel to North Korea?

North Korea can be a safe place to travel if the necessary precautions are taken. Tourists are usually only allowed to visit restricted areas accompanied by authorized guides. The North Korean government takes the safety and security of tourists very seriously and provides significant security measures to protect them. However, it is crucial to understand and follow the rules and regulations as any violation can be deemed serious and lead to severe consequences. Show more

Can tourists access the internet in North Korea?

Yes, tourists can access the internet in North Korea. However, the government controls and monitors all internet access, and most of the websites and social media platforms are restricted. Tourists can only access the internet in designated hotels and cafes. It is crucial to follow the government's guidelines on internet usage and avoid using any language or content that could be deemed as disrespectful or offensive. Show more

What kind of clothing should tourists pack while traveling to North Korea?

Tourists should pack clothes suitable for the weather conditions and also adhere to cultural norms. Since North Korea is a conservative country, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover the shoulders, arms, and legs. T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and closed shoes are recommended. It is essential to pack warm clothes for the winter season from December to February, as the temperatures can drop to -20°C or even lower. Show more

What is the currency used in North Korea and how can tourists obtain it?

The currency used in North Korea is the North Korean won (KPW). Tourists need to exchange their foreign currency into local currency through authorized banks or exchange centers. However, foreign currencies such as Euros, US Dollars, and Chinese Yuan are widely used for payment in some stores and hotels. Credit cards are not widely accepted, so it is advisable to carry cash at all times. Show more

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