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Ice Climbing

The most exciting but at the same time the riskiest winter sport requires excellent climbing skills and good physical shape


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Slovakia provides plenty of guided ice-climbing tours with all the necessary equipment. It's a great way to learn this activity and enjoy the nature around. Or you can also choose to do ice-climbing on your own, without any guides. The most suitable spots to do ice-climbing are the Tatra Mountains and Slovenský Raj where you can find waterfalls.

Ice climbing in the Tatra Mountains 2020
Ice climbing in the Tatra Mountains

Ice-climbing is available from December until March, but it really depends on weather conditions. The best weather for ice-climbing is between +2 °C and -8 °C. Besides the weather forecast, don't forget to check all details about legal restrictions regarding climbing in the region. At the end of your ice climbing adventure, you will be rewarded with incredible landscape views filled with rocky slopes and snowy trees.

Stunning views of the Tatra Mountains 2020
Stunning views of the Tatra Mountains