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Linkoln Park Zoo is not only one of the biggest and oldest zoos in the USA, but it also boasts some perfect winter scenery

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As a highlight of the beginning of the winter holiday season, Linkoln Park Zoo puts up spectacular lights all around the zoo. It is a perfect place to get into Christmas mood, especially considering that the entry is free of charge.

ZooLights in Chicago - Best Season 2019

The Zoo is occupying 14 hectares od beautiful park land. Founded in 1868, it is among the oldest of zoos in the United States. And it's also one of the few free zoos in the world. Animal exhibits include big cats, polar bears, penguins, gorillas, reptiles, and monkeys. There are about 1,100 animals from 200 species. Also. there is a burr oak tree which dates to 1830, before the city of Chicago was founded.

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