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Surf Lounge Ibiza

Try your hand at surfing on the artificial waves produced by a unique Flowrider machine

Surf Lounge Ibiza
Surf Lounge Ibiza
Surf Lounge Ibiza
Surf Lounge Ibiza

If you don't dare to surf the real waves for the lack of experience, you can always come to the Surf Lounge in Ibiza famous for the so-called Flowrider, the only artificial wave machine in the world. This is really a unique opportunity to learn this extreme sport in safety with the constant assistance of professional teachers. The process of learning is more pleasant than in the open sea due to background DJ music sessions, massage opportunities, and a delicious menu offered by the Surf Lounge. The Lounge is open in March and April only on weekends, in May Thursday to Sunday, and between the months of June to October daily.

Practical info

What is the Flowrider machine at Surf Lounge Ibiza and how does it work?

Surf Lounge Ibiza features an artificial wave generator called the Flowrider machine. The machine produces a continuous, stationary wave by releasing a thin sheet of water over a soft surface. Surfing is accomplished using a flow board, which is similar to a snowboard. This allows visitors to test the limits of the technology and push the bounds in terms of freestyle tricks, as if they were really hitting the waves of the ocean. Show more

What are the professional assistance options provided to the surfers at Surf Lounge Ibiza?

Instructors at Surf Lounge Ibiza provide a range of services to assist visitors as they try their hand at surfing the Flowrider machine. These instructors are members of international surfing associations and are certified in coaching and technique. They provide guidance through group classes, individual lessons, day packages, and extended four to six-day courses designed to offer official certification of skill. Visitors can expect top-level instruction and a hands-on, empowering approach to surf coaching Show more

When is the Surf Lounge Ibiza open for visitors?

Surf Lounge Ibiza opens starting in late March and remains open until early October. Open hours vary depending on the time of year, with longer hours offered during peak season. Between March and April, the Surf Lounge opens only on weekends, and from Thursday to Sunday in May. From June to October, visitors can enjoy seven days a week of surfing and dining at Surf Lounge Ibiza Show more

Where can visitors find Surf Lounge Ibiza and how to get there?

Situated on Jesús beach, close to Ibiza Town, Surf Lounge Ibiza is accessible by bus or taxi from any point on the island. The Surf Lounge can be reached via a five-minute walk from the nearest bus stop, and it's only a ten-minute bus ride or five-minute taxi ride from Ibiza Town. Visitors can soak in the beautiful views, including the Christ of the Sacred Heart statue, which provides an excellent atmosphere for surfing and dining. Show more

What is the menu at Surf Lounge Ibiza and what can visitors expect from their dining experience?

Surf Lounge Ibiza offers a contemporary and varied menu. This includes freshly caught seafood, premium-quality steaks, vegan and vegetarian food, and mouth-watering pizzas. Guests can enjoy fresh fruits and desserts after their meal, as well as refreshing cocktails and freshly squeezed juices. With beautiful views of the Jesús beach and the Christ of the Sacred Heart statue, visitors can expect an experience that delights both the palate and the senses. Show more

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