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The Plain of Jars in Laos 2025

This is where the mysterious and enigmatic Laos unfolds

Best time: February–April

The Plain of Jars
The Plain of Jars
The Plain of Jars
The Plain of Jars
The Plain of Jars

There are many places on Earth with a mysterious history where we can only try to guess or make assumptions about the truth. Laos also has such place, which is called the Plain of Jars.

The city of Phonsavan is located in the Xieng Khouang Plateau bordering with Luang Prabang Province. The overall landscape is mountainous, but the center of the area is flat, and this is where all mystery is hidden. Giant jars vary in size from tiny​ to about 3.25 meters high. They are made of sandstone and granite. No one can say the exact origin and purpose of these monuments. As the surrounding land is very fertile. They might have been used as storage for rice wine, but there is also a suggestion that remnants of the dead were kept inside.

No matter which version you believe in, walking among the jars certainly brings some mystical feelings. But be careful, the Xieng Khouang Province was bombarded heavily during the Vietnam War, and some bombs remain unexploded and dangerous. As a result, visitors must follow only predefined routes to be safe.

The Plain of Jars can be visited during the whole year, but as this area is a bit cooler than the rest of the country, the most comfortable time for travelling here would be the dry and warm season from February through April.

Practical info

What is the origin of the giant jars on the Plain of Jars?

Though theories abound as to the origin and purpose of the giant jars on the Plain of Jars, there is no consensus. The jars are made of granite or sandstone and are scattered all over the flat terrain in Xieng Khouang Plateau’s Phonsavan. There is a theory that the jars were used to hold the ashes of deceased people, while another suggests that they were used to store rice wine. The builders of the jars and their construction dates remain a mystery. Show more

What makes the Plain of Jars a mysterious place?

The Plain of Jars remains one of Laos’s most enigmatic sites because of the giant jars, which are of unknown origin and purpose. Despite various theories, no one can say for sure what they were used for. Moreover, the site is highly dangerous because of unexploded mines and bombs within and outside the site– products of the heavy bombing during the Vietnam War. Visitors are required to follow specified routes to ensure their safety during the visit. Show more

How did the Vietnam War affect the Plain of Jars?

The Plain of Jars suffered a similar fate as other places in Laos due to heavy bombing during the Vietnam War. Unexploded bombs and mines are still major safety concerns throughout the region, including the site of the Plain of Jars. This danger has caused significant delays in archaeological inquiries since the end of the war. Moreover, the area still shows visible scars from the bombing to this day. Show more

Are there any safety concerns for visitors to the Plain of Jars?

The Plain of Jars presents some safety concerns for visitors because of the unexploded bombs and mines still present from the Vietnam War. Visitors must stick to designated paths to avoid any potential danger. Although the site can be visited all year round, the dry season from February to April is the best time to travel due to the mild and dry weather. It is, therefore, advisable to do research ahead of a visit and heed to the area's safety guidelines. Show more

When is the best time to visit the Plain of Jars in Laos?

Though visitors can visit the Plain of Jars at any time, the mild and dry weather of February to April makes it the most comfortable time to travel. Compared to other parts of Laos, Phonsavan located in Xieng Khouang Plateau is colder; thus, visitors should bring appropriate clothing when visiting. To ensure safety, visitors are advised to stick only to the paths set aside for tourists and avoid going off course or wandering too far away from the designated area. Show more

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