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Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland in Sweden

Experience one of the most famous adventures of Lapland!

Best time: December–April

Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland
Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland
Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland

Going dogsledding with cutest Huskies, which will show you around Swedish Lapland with the speed of the wind, is a must experience in Sweden. Go North to Kiruna or Abisko at the beginning of winter towards spring,—the period suitable for every taste. Winter, with its short dark days and cosy atmosphere, ends with spectacular Northern lights, which with good weather can last until March. Closer to April, the days will get longer and the temperatures - warmer, which creates the scene of "the best of two worlds"—warm ​spring sun and snowy mountains. Some people even ride in shorts!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Swedish Lapland for dog sledding?

The period from December to April is ideal for dog sledding in Swedish Lapland. The season experiences long winters and thick snow cover which is ideal for outdoor activities. Tourists prefer to visit between January and March to witness the Northern Lights. Show more

Which are the popular places to go dogsledding in Swedish Lapland?

Swedish Lapland offers dogsledding packages in popular locations such as Kiruna and Abisko. Visitors can choose from guided tours lasting between one to several days. Other locations include Jukkasjärvi and other parts of Swedish Lapland. Show more

What is the temperature range during the dog-sledding season?

The temperature typically varies between -15 and -5 degrees Celsius during the dog-sledding season in Swedish Lapland. Visitors should note that temperature changes depending on the time of day and location. However, temperatures may unpredictably drop to as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Visitors must dress appropriately and equip themselves with the right gear. Show more

What preparations should I make for a dogsledding experience in Swedish Lapland?

Prepping for a dogsledding experience in Swedish Lapland includes carrying proper winter clothing, camera equipment and sunscreen. Dressing in layers and wearing comfortable waterproof boots is advisable. Visitors must also ensure that they're capable of the physically demanding activity of dogsledding. Show more

What winter activities are available in Swedish Lapland besides dogsledding?

Popular winter activities in Swedish Lapland besides dogsledding are skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and experiencing the iconic reindeer ride. For a unique winter experience visitors can explore the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, made entirely of ice which gets rebuilt every year. Show more

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