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Bregenzer Festspiele Festival 2024

Theater and opera performances, orchestra concerts, and numerous other events on a large floating stage

Dates: July 17-August 18, 2024

Bregenzer Festspiele Festival
Bregenzer Festspiele Festival

Two big barges were initially joined together into a huge floating stage in 1946. Then 60 years later Bregenzer Festspiele has become an essential part of Austrian culture and the floating stage is still the largest of its kind. For four we​eks, during summer months, the population of 30,000 turns into 200,000. Beautiful natural lake scenery and the brave architecture of the stage create a unique atmosphere for the festival. More than 100 performances, including operas and orchestral concerts, welcome people from all over the world. If you are one of them, remember to book a hotel beforehand as demand is high.

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