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Johnston Canyon Ice Walk & Climb

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Johnston Canyon is popular all year round, but particularly in winter. Snow and ice transform the canyon into a stunning winter wonderland with dripping icicles, snow-covered forests and frozen waterfalls. Johnston Canyon Ice Walks run between December and mid-April.

Johnston Canyon Ice Walk & Climb in Banff & Jasper National Parks - Best Season 2020

There are plenty of activities that take place during the Johnston Canyon Icewalk: from exploring and learning about the formation of the canyon with the great support of tour guides to picking out fossil corals in the cliffs. You can capture the waterfalls frozen in mid-stream, as well as witness the Johnston Canyon Lower Falls. You can also discover the incredible "Cathedral of Ice" on the Upper Deck.

Best time for Johnston Canyon Ice Walk & Climb in Banff & Jasper National Parks 2020

These gigantic columns of ice are deemed to be a highlight and it is not uncommon to see ice climbers in action. Though ice walks are more popular with tourists, you can also try to climb these icy walls. Private lessons are offered for beginners.

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