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Beer Spa

Soaking in excellent Czech lager is absolutely hangover-free


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Czech people believe that taking a beer bath can be great for your health. It revitalizes your skin and definitely helps you relax after a day of skiing or hiking. There are plenty of places where you can soak in beer all over the country. In Prague, you can relax in oak barrels at the first Spa Beerland, located nearby Charles Square. Unlimited consumption of Krušovice beer is possible at the spa.

If you want to get a real brewery experience, visit Pilsen. The Purkmistr Beer Spa is located in the Pivovarský dvůr Plzeň complex, in the Černice area. Wooden tubs are filled with a special mix based on Pilsner malt. Obviously, the procedure includes sampling Purkmistr beer.

The Bohemian town of Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa destination in the Czech Republic. The First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa offers oak bathtubs filled with a special cocktail based on Krušovice beer. After the 20-minute bath, you can relax on a straw bed near the fireplace.

You can try this experience any time of year, but soaking in warm beer is much more enjoyable when it's cold outside.

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