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Birdwatching in Czech Republic

The wetlands of Bohemia and the forests of Moravia turn into a real bird sanctuary during spring

Best time: March–May


The beautiful Czech Republic, home to more than 400 bird species, has many great spots for birding. You can visit the mountainous forests and picturesque bogs of Bohemia or explore the pristine forests along the Morava river on the borders of Austria and Slovakia. The Czech Republic is home to several European woodpecker species and some rare owls. Don't miss the River Warbler, Collared Flycatcher and Scarlet Rosefinch.

Even the Prague area can be quite interesting. You can observe the nests of sparrow hawks right in the city, while buzzards hunt in parks and breed in quite large numbers near the city centre. Don't be surprised if you meet an eagle owl in the city limits. Spring is the best time to visit the Czech Republic, a time when birds are most active as they prepare for nesting and breeding.

Practical info

When is the Czech Republic's peak birdwatching season?

Birdwatching in the Czech Republic is best done from March to May, which is when bird species across the country are active in their preparations for breeding and nesting. This is therefore the peak birdwatching season, when visitors can observe a variety of avian life across the Czech Republic, from wetlands in Bohemia to forests in Moravia and even in Czech urban centres like Prague. Show more

What are some recommended birdwatching areas in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is home to a wealth of popular birdwatching areas, including Bohemia's mountainous forests and picturesque bogs, where visitors can expect to see a variety of woodpeckers such as the Black, Middle Spotted, and Great Spotted woodpeckers. You might also head to the Morava river bordering Austria and Slovakia for sightings of rare owl species, such as the Ural and Tengmalm's owls, as well as the River Warbler, Collared Flycatcher and Scarlet Rosefinch among others. Show more

What bird species live in Bohemia's mountainous forests?

Birdwatchers visiting Bohemia's mountainous forests can expect to observe a variety of bird species, including the Great Spotted woodpecker, Middle Spotted woodpecker, Black woodpecker, White-backed woodpecker, Three-toed woodpecker, and Eurasian eagle-owl. These bird species, among others, contribute to the natural beauty of the region and the awe with which it is regarded by bird enthusiasts. Show more

Are there any rare bird species in the Czech Republic that can be seen by birdwatchers?

Bird enthusiasts in the Czech Republic have the opportunity to spot several rare bird species. The Moravian forests offer sightings of the Ural owl, while birdwatchers hoping to observe the Red-breasted flycatcher, Red-backed shrike, or White-tailed eagle should keep watch during the spring, when these uncommon species are active. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned birdwatcher, Czech Republic's bird sanctuaries offer plenty of rewarding avian observations. Show more

Can birdwatching be done in urban areas of the Czech Republic like Prague?

The Czech Republic's urban areas are also recommended for birdwatching. Visitors to Prague, for example, can find sparrow hawk nests within the city, observe buzzards hunting in local parks or watch them breed in surprising numbers near the city centre. Additionally, the elusive eagle owl may even make an appearance for lucky onlookers. If you'd like to see the birds of the Czech Republic up close and personal, birdwatching in urban centres like Prague is certainly an option. Show more

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