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Best time to travel to Czech Republic


The wetlands of Bohemia and the forests of Moravia turn into a real bird sanctuary during spring

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The beautiful Czech Republic, home to more than 400 bird species, has many great spots for birding. You can visit the mountainous forests and picturesque bogs of Bohemia or explore the pristine forests along the Morava river on the borders of Austria and Slovakia. The Czech Republic is home to several European woodpecker species and some rare owls. Don't miss the River Warbler, Collared Flycatcher and Scarlet Rosefinch.

Even the Prague area can be quite interesting. You can observe the nests of sparrow hawks right in the city, while buzzards hunt in parks and breed in quite large numbers near the city centre. Don't be surprised if you meet an eagle owl in the city limits. Spring is the best time to visit the Czech Republic, a time when birds are most active as they prepare for nesting and breeding.

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