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Winter Solstice in Petra

As the sun rolls down the sky a miracle occurs in the Hidden City revealing the most sacred sites


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The ancient city of pink sands, tombs, plentiful monuments, and stone cliffs used to be part of the Nabatean Kingdom many years ago. People call Petra the "Hidden City" as 85% of it is supposedly still unexcavated. Some also call it a "Huge Marvel" referring to the unusual sun illumination occurring annually in December. It is amazing to believe that the temple was designed in ancient times so that during winter solstice its altar is spotlit. Surely it's no coincidence! Perhaps they spent years constructing the buildings and observing the sun in the sky. Anyways, Petra is one of the most unique sites in the whole world. You'll be impressed by it at any time of the year. But mind that in summer it get really hot, while in the winter harsh winds and desert storms are possible. And, of course, the best time to experience its beauty and mystery is during the winter solstice that occurs between December 21 and 23.

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