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Gullfoss Canyon Rafting

The twisting journey from Langjökull Glacier to the South Coast is as thrilling as it is picturesque


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Among all waterways found in Iceland, Hvita River is the most famous for white water rafting. This glacier river flows out of the Langjökull Glacier, Europe's second largest one. It rushes down from the famed Gullfoss Waterfall seven twisting kilometres across Brúarhlöð (White Water) Canyon down to the South Coast. Perhaps rafters love it for the perfect balance of the trill it provides, as well as landscape viewing opportunities. While rafting, watch out for the beauty around. If you are attentive, you won't miss out two grand rocks known as Karl and Kerling or Man and Woman. According to a local legend, these two are petrified trolls.

The rafting adventure is designed to last for about three hours. Since it's a glacier river, you should wear warm undergarments too, don't forget about a sweater and socks (preferably wool or fleece). At the end of the exciting white water journey, the rafters will be able to relax in a hot sauna. Don't forget to bring bathing suits, towels and clothes for a change.

The rafting season normally lasts from mid-May to mid-September. Depending on the weather conditions this period may be shifted to June and the end of September. This Icelandic glacier river is enjoyable for any type of rafters and is a family-friendly activity. However, there's age limit—you have to be over 11 to be allowed on the raft.

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