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Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour in Iceland

A trip to Iceland wouldn't be full without exploring a dormant volcano from inside

Best time: May 15–October 15

Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour
Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour
Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour
Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour
Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour

Thrihnukagigur volcano sits on the highland edge, located 20 km southeast of the capital, within the protected area of Bláfjöll Country Park. The last eruption appeared over 4,000 years ago, and there is no evidence that it might erupt in the near future. The name of volcano means "Three Peaks Crater".

One of the cones, which is about 35 m higher than the others, has an opening on its summit. A funnel-shaped opening is 4×4 m wide. It opens a huge volcanic vault, measuring 50×70 m with the depth of 120 m.

A huge magma chamber is a unique natural phenomenon. As a rule, after the eruption cold hard lava closes the crater, but Thrihnukagigur volcano is an exception to this rule as the magma has disappeared from the heart of the volcano, leaving the magma chamber empty.

The inside volcano tours open secrets of the volcanic world. The 45-minute hike to the crater and incredible one-hour descent in an open cable lift to the bottom of volcano's magma chamber is a lifetime experience. Tour is provided from 15 May to 15 October. To make your visit more comfortable take a warm sweater or jacket with you, as the temperature inside the crater is always just 5–6°C.

Practical info

When is Thrihnukagigur volcano accessible for tours?

Tours to Thrihnukagigur volcano are available from May 15 to October 15. This is the best time to visit the volcano because the temperature is more pleasant and the descent into the crater is easier to manage. Winter months in Iceland can be harsh, and there are no tours to the site during this season. Show more

What is the location of Thrihnukagigur volcano?

Thrihnukagigur volcano can be found within Bláfjöll Country Park, Iceland, approximately 20 km southeast of the capital, Reykjavik. The volcano sits on the edge of the highlands and is accessible by a 45-minute hike. From May 15 to October 15, visitors can embark on inside volcano tours, which is a unique experience not to be missed. Show more

What is the etymology of Thrihnukagigur volcano?

Thrihnukagigur volcano earns its name, Three Peaks Crater, despite having only two peaks. The cones have a difference in height of 35 meters, and the summit on one of them has a 4x4 m funnel-shaped opening that leads to a large vault. This vault measures 50x70 m wide and is approximately 120 m deep. The name of the volcano is not related to its structure. Show more

How deep is Thrihnukagigur volcano's magma chamber?

Thrihnukagigur volcano's magma chamber is about 120 meters deep, or roughly 400 feet. The magma chamber is unique in that most craters fill with lava after an eruption, making this an unforgettable opportunity for tourists. Visitors can explore the empty chamber on the inside volcano tours, which provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Show more

What attire is appropriate for the inside volcano tour of Thrihnukagigur?

Suitable clothing for the inside volcano tour of Thrihnukagigur includes warm items, such as a sweater or jacket, as the temperature inside the crater remains cold (5-6°C) year-round. Comfortable footwear is necessary for the 45-minute hike to the crater, which is steep. Helmets and harnesses for the descent are provided by the tour operators and are required for safety. Show more

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