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Alpine Via Ferr​ata in Provence & French Riviera

A system of cables and ladders that Italian soldiers use​d for crossing the Dolomites is now a fun playground

Best time: April–September

Alpine Via Ferr​ata
Alpine Via Ferr​ata
Alpine Via Ferr​ata
Alpine Via Ferr​ata

If you're not afraid of heights, you definitely should try the Via Ferrata in the South Alps. It's a system of cables and ladders that Italian soldiers used to cross the Dolomites. It includes Himalayan and monkey bridges, giant zip lines, spider webs, and other fun challenges. The locations may vary depending on the season, but most of the climbs have medium difficulty so even children from the age of 10 can ​try them. And, of course, aside from the adrenaline rush, you'll be able to enjoy the magical landscape from almost 400 meters high. Grab your sneakers and get ready for some real fun!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the Alpine Via Ferrata in Provence & French Riviera?

The Alpine Via Ferrata in Provence & French Riviera is best visited between April and September, when the weather is good, and there is ample sunshine. These months offer climbers the best opportunity to fully enjoy the experience. Outdoor enthusiasts will find several exciting activities in the area, including zip lines and hikes, that will make their visit a memorable one. Show more

Where exactly can the Alpine Via Ferrata be found in Provence & French Riviera?

The Alpine Via Ferrata can be experienced in various locations across Provence & French Riviera. Some popular ones include Gréolières in Alpes-Maritimes, Tête de Braque in Vaucluse, and L’Estissac in Hautes-Alpes. The location you decide to visit will have different landscapes, challenges, and routes to climb. Be prepared for a scenic view of the Alps' snow-capped mountain peaks and crystal clear water on your climbing adventure. Show more

Is the Alpine Via Ferrata suitable for beginners?

Alpine Via Ferrata in Provence & French Riviera offers climbers with medium difficulty routes making them a perfect choice for first-timers, provided they have some training. A skilled guide will be recommended to help in navigating safely through the various challenges. Proper equipment, guidance, and practice will enable approximately anyone above the age of ten to enjoy the adventure that Via Ferrata offers and witness magical places in the mountains. Show more

What types of challenges can be expected on the Alpine Via Ferrata?

Alpine Via Ferrata in Provence & French Riviera provides climbers with challenging and exciting experiences where they will cross suspended cables, go over Himalayan and monkey bridges, cross giant zip lines and complete spider webs. Climbers will enjoy witnessing the stunning and unique landscapes characterized by the snow-capped mountains that provide an unforgettable experience. All without compromising the climbers' safety with proper equipment and harnesses that connect them to the safety cables physically. Show more

Is there an age limit for participants in the Alpine Via Ferrata?

Yes, participants must be physically fit and at least ten years old to climb the routes safely. This age requirement ensures that climbers have the necessary physical and mental strength to tackle the challenges. Furthermore, some via ferratas have weight limitations that must be met to maintain the cables' correct tension. Individuals with some level of fitness and good health should be able to undertake the routes safely and enjoyably. Show more

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