Best season to travel to Quebec

Maple Taffy

Real Quebecois make maple syrup lollipops with snow

Best time: March–April

Maple Taffy

Quebec, the world's largest maple syrup producer, can always surprise with creative ways of using maple trees and their treasure, especially during the “sweet month” of March and April.

Firstly, pure maple syrup is heated to the appropriate temperature, which is 115 °C, and then poured on an icy snow base. When the syrup gets harder it's time to take a wooden stick and twist it around to make a perfect 'tire d’érable,' as they call it in Quebec.

This unique variation of the sugar snack appears every year in the end of winter. Both children and adults enjoy making chewy maple lollipops. The best taffy can be found closer to maple farms around Quebec where you can try to make it on your own.

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