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Canyoning and Gorge Walking in Scotland

The steep Scottish canyons, seemingly inaccessible at the first sight are actually explored by thousands of adventurous enthusiasts

Canyoning and Gorge Walking
Canyoning and Gorge Walking
Canyoning and Gorge Walking

Canyoning is an extremely popular adventure to experience in Scottish gorges. During the high season that stretches over late March through late September, Bruar Canyon and Perthshite Canyon host a number of hen and stag parties, as well as corporate and team building events. The great fun of sliding down beautifully-shaped rocks, climbing the cliffs, jumping into pools, and swimming in rapids is available for travelers. Inexperienced people are provided with highly skilled guides. Gorge walking is quite the same as canyoning with the only exception being no need for ropes.

Practical info

What is the best time of year to go canyoning in Scotland?

Late March through late September is the ideal time for canyoning in Scotland since the rivers and streams are at their calmest during these months. To ensure maximum enjoyment, it is crucial to check the weather forecast and make adjustments accordingly because the weather can change quickly. During this period, temperatures are pleasant, and tourists can partake in the activity without feeling too cold. Show more

Where are the best places to try canyoning and gorge walking in Scotland?

The prime locations for canyoning and gorge walking in Scotland are Bruar Canyon and Perthshire Canyon. These spots offer adventure enthusiasts the chance to experience sheer cliff faces, beautiful pools, and cascading waterfalls, among others. Other popular places to explore include the grey Mares Tail, the heights in Dagger or Allt Nathrach Carnach, and the rocks in Pattack Gorge, among others. Show more

How skilled do you need to be to participate in canyoning and gorge walking in Scotland?

Canyoning and gorge walking do not require prior experience, and tour guides are always available at Scottish canyons. The guides have an excellent safety record, knowledgeable in the sporting field, and happy to train newcomers on the fundamentals of the activity. To avoid accidents, it is essential to follow the guide's instructions and wear any safety gear provided throughout the excursion. Show more

When is the peak season for stag and hen parties to experience canyoning in Scotland?

The peak season for stag and hen parties to experience canyoning in Scotland is during late March through late September when the activity is in high demand. During these months, it is advisable to make reservations in advance since canyoning adventures get booked up quite quickly. While thousands of tourists come every year, including religious groups, couples, and families, it is more challenging to secure a canyoning adventure during offseason months unless booking a private adventure. Show more

What other activities can I combine with canyoning and gorge walking while in Scotland?

Adventure enthusiasts in Scotland can combine canyoning and gorge walking with other activities such as mountain biking, parasailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, among others. For a better experience, individuals can find “adventure tour operators'' that offer various packages that blend different activities to cater to their preferences. Some prefer a low-key experience such as exploring the beautiful Scottish Highlands or lodging in relaxing bed-and-breakfasts to quench their thirst for adventure. Show more

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