Best time to travel to Slovenia

Waterfalls in Slovenia

While in Slovenia, explore at least one of its many picturesque waterfalls

Best time: March–May


Being quite a small country, Slovenia has an enormous amount of natural gems. For example there are over 250 waterfalls!

One of the most beautiful and popular is Rinka waterfall, located in the picturesque Logarska valley. You can find this waterfall by following hiking and cycling trails which will eventually bring you face to face with the majestic Rinka.

Another beauty is Boka waterfall which has the greatest volume of water, especially in spring when the snow is melting in the Alps. Also, an interesting fact is that a few scenes of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" were filmed nearby.

Beauty of the Savica, which is the largest inflow of Lake Bohinj, has even inspired a poem titled “Baptism on the Savica” by the Slovenian poet France Prešeren.

Practical info

What are the best months to visit Slovenia's waterfalls?

March through May is the best time to visit Slovenia's waterfalls. During this time, the snow begins to melt from the Alpine region, which increases the water volume of the waterfalls. As a result, the experience is more scenic and enjoyable. The waterfalls are at their peak flow, and the surrounding greenery is vibrant and lush during this time of year. Show more

Are there any other popular waterfalls worth visiting besides Rinka, Boka and Savica?

Apart from Rinka, Boka, and Savica, there are other stunning waterfalls in Slovenia that one can explore. For example, visitors can consider Peričnik and Martuljek waterfalls, Kozjak waterfall, Iglica waterfall, and many others. With more than 250 waterfalls to choose from, visitors are sure to find something unique and unforgettable. Show more

How many waterfalls can be visited in Slovenia?

Slovenia boasts of over 250 waterfalls waiting to be explored. They offer an endless supply of natural beauty to visitors. While some waterfalls are commonly visited by tourists, others are hidden gems less known to the world. When visiting Slovenia, travelers can opt to explore well-known destinations or venture out to remote areas to discover hidden waterfalls. Show more

What are the other popular tourist attractions surrounding these waterfalls?

Most waterfalls in Slovenia are located within or close to natural parks or hiking trails. This makes it possible for visitors to combine waterfall exploration with other activities like hiking or visiting nearby attractions. Some popular tourist attractions include Lake Bohinj, Vintgar Gorge, and Triglav National Park, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience that visitors can enjoy with waterfall exploration. Show more

Can these waterfalls be accessed by car, or is it required to hike to reach them?

Hiking may be necessary to access some of the waterfalls in Slovenia, but visitors do not need to be experienced hikers. Most hiking trails are beginner to intermediate, and the paths are well marked. In some cases, like with Veliki Slap, visitors can access the waterfalls by car. Travelers must research individual waterfalls and surroundings to determine the best way to access them and what equipment is necessary. Show more

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