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Royal Winter Palace in Thailand

Bhubing Palace boasts one of the most beautiful gardens in Asia

Best time: April–December

Royal Winter Palace
Royal Winter Palace
Royal Winter Palace

Visit the Bhubing Palace to enjoy the beautiful architecture and the flower garden in Doi Buak Ha, Chiang Mai Province. Although it might not be the most spectacular palace in the Kingdom of Thailand, the marvelous garden located around it is a fairy tale scene, especially just after the rainy season when the beautiful roses are full in bloom. The palace might occasionally be closed due to the royal family staying there. However, such stays are typically once in a year during the period from January​ to March, thus, it is better to plan your visit to the palace during April-December period.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to see the Bhubing Palace?

To visit Bhubing Palace, plan a visit between April to December. The location is generally accessible during this period. After the rainy seasons of November and December, the adjacent flower garden of the palace looks very stunning as roses are in full bloom. Show more

Where exactly is the Bhubing Palace located?

Bhubing Palace is situated in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. It is located on Doi Buak Ha which is roughly twenty kilometers away from central Chiang Mai. Access to the location is possible by private vehicles or a shared taxi called Songthaews available from Chang Phuak Bus Terminal in northern Chiang Mai. Show more

What makes the Bhubing Palace different from other palaces in Thailand?

While the Bhubing Palace may not be the grandest of all palaces in Thailand, it is certainly unique in its garden setup. The palace boasts an English-style garden as well as a Thai-style garden complete with a small lake and waterfall, making it an ideal location to unwind amidst the city's hustle and bustle. Show more

What are some other tourist spots that visitors can see around Bhubing Palace?

People visiting Bhubing Palace can also visit various other tourist attractions in Doi Buak Ha mountain, including hill tribe villages, coffee shops, and a fantastic viewpoint. Further down the hill, guests reach the Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon, where they can learn about Thailand's unique tropical agriculture techniques. Show more

Do visitors have to pay anything to get into the Bhubing Palace?

Yes, an entrance fee needs to be paid to gain access to Bhubing Palace. Though the fee is quite reasonable, the experience of visiting the palace is quite valuable. Visitors are reminded to stick to the dress code and observe the gardens surrounding the palace, open to the community from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Show more

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