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Bohemian Prater (Böhmischer Prater) in Vienna

A nostalgic amusement park will bring childhood memories

Best time: March–October

Bohemian Prater (Böhmischer Prater)

The Bohemian Prater amusement park, founded about 150 years ago in Favoriten area, offers entertainment and recreation for the whole family. First visitors were local workers from Bohemia and Moravia, giving the name to the place—Bohemian Prater (Böhmischer Prater in German). It's a much more quiet place than the "bigger brother" Wurstelprater, and it seems that time stopped here thanks to the nostalgic ambience.

There are carousels for the youngest kids, an autodrome, and event a 21.5-metre-tall Ferris Wheel with 14 passenger cars. The Park also offers some water attractions such as aqua bumpers, aqua balls, and the Marine Bay, popular on hot summer days. This place is a combination of modern attractions alongside with the vintage rides like a 90-year-old rollercoaster (even though most of the attractions were destroyed by the bomb attack in 1944). Besides the rides, you can enjoy some snacks and drinks offered by a few vendors and a wine tavern.

The Bohemian Prater usually operates between March and October, but check whether it's operating before heading there. Well, let the childhood nostalgy win your heart!

Practical info

What are the unique rides that you can experience in Bohemian Prater amusement park?

Enjoy many thrilling and entertaining attractions in Bohemian Prater amusement park. With a balanced mix of modern and vintage rides, the park caters to people of all ages. Take a ride on the nearly century-old rollercoaster or enjoy the 21.5-meter-high Ferris wheel with 14 passenger cars. For refreshment, try water attractions like aqua bumpers and aqua balls, or head over to Marine Bay on hot summer days. The park's inviting atmosphere will make your visit comfortable and memorable. Show more

When is the best time to visit Bohemian Prater amusement park?

If you're wondering about the perfect time to visit Bohemian Prater amusement park, the best bet is between March and October. This way, you'll allow yourself the opportunity to experience all the modern and traditional attractions the park has to offer, such as the giant Ferris wheel and vintage carousels. Before setting out, ensure that the park is operating as it should, especially if you're visiting outside of this range. Show more

What is the historical background of Bohemian Prater amusement park?

Bohemian Prater amusement park has been entertaining visitors for over 150 years. First established in Favoriten, it earned its name from the initial patrons: local workers from Bohemia and Moravia. The park creates a family-friendly and welcoming environment that appeals to visitors of all ages. Despite its destruction during a bombing in 1944, the park was successfully rebuilt and continues to captivate visitors with its vibrant ambience even today. Show more

Where is Bohemian Prater amusement park located in Vienna?

In Vienna's Favoriten district lies Bohemian Prater amusement park. The park provides easy access via the tram system, which has a stop right outside the entrance gate. Bohemian Prater is relatively small compared to many other amusement parks, but it provides a more serene atmosphere. It's an excellent option for those who want a quieter experience while still enjoying exciting rides and attractions. Show more

Are there any traditional local foods or drinks that can be found in Bohemian Prater amusement park?

While relishing the thrill of the rides in Bohemian Prater amusement park, visitors can enjoy some delicious refreshments. Vendors offer snacks such as hot dogs and beer to keep you going. The wine tavern in the park is a great place to try out traditional Viennese cuisine, including Goulash, Apple strudel, and Sacher Torte cake. If you're in the mood for something different, try out Bohemian delights like Chimney cake, grilled dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Show more

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