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Auke Bay Winter Sunset in Alaska

If you are looking for unforgettable views, visit Auke Bay. Its famous sunset will definitely inspire you

Best time: November–March

Auke Bay Winter Sunset
Auke Bay Winter Sunset
Auke Bay Winter Sunset
Auke Bay Winter Sunset

Don’t miss a unique chance to witness one of the most impressive sunsets in North America. Auke Bay, located near the city of Juneau, has become quite a popular spot for sightseeing. Photographers, travelers, and simple romantics come here to enjoy the wonderful nature and to relax.

In winter, the colours of the sky are extra special. While watching the burning sky that softly changes its colour from saturated orange to peachy and then pink, you can relax and leave any problems behind. Locals say that in winter, the sunset is especially charming. Perhaps, it’s even more about the ​atmosphere around—the frosty air, sparkling snow, and ​silent bay.​

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Auke Bay to witness the winter sunset?

For the best winter sunsets, Auke Bay is worth visiting between November and March. The sky showcases a set of unique colors and the sunset view is as mesmerizing as it gets. While planning a trip, it is advisable to check the weather with the caveat that heavy snowfall or other unforeseeable circumstances could possibly affect your experience. Show more

Where is Auke Bay located and how to get there?

Auke Bay is located near Juneau in Southeast Alaska and can be reached by plane, ferry or cruise ship. The Juneau International Airport is the closest one if one prefers to fly. From there, one can rent a car or take a taxi/bus to reach the Bay. For those who fancy boat rides, ferries and cruises are available and provide spectacular views of the area. Show more

What are the recommended things to do while visiting Auke Bay, besides watching the sunset?

When visiting Auke Bay apart from watching the sunset, there is a myriad of enjoyable activities. One can indulge in whale watching, fishing, hiking, or kayaking. In winters, skiing on nearby mountains is an option, and taking a tour of the Mendenhall Glacier is recommended. Another recommended spot is the Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure, where tourists can observe unique gardens and gain a better understanding of the flora and fauna of the area. Show more

What time does the winter sunset occur in Auke Bay?

The sunset time during winter in Auke Bay is not consistent and varies depending on the day. However, typically the sunset is observed between 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm. Nevertheless, visibility, as well as, the duration of the sunset can be affected by weather conditions and unforeseeable scenarios. The recommended option is to check the timings and plan accordingly. Show more

Are there any accommodations available near Auke Bay for visitors to stay during their trip?

Several accommodation options are available for tourists around the Auke Bay. Juneau, the nearest town, provides guests with an array of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals. The Driftwood Hotel, Glacier Bay Country Inn, and Juneau Hotel are some of the popular accommodations chosen by guests. If camping is preferable, then RVs (Recreational Vehicles) and camps are also available in the locality. As accommodations fill up quickly during peak seasons, it is advised to book beforehand. Show more

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