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Amsterdam Dungeon

Witness the most sinister episodes of the Dutch history, with witches, torturers, inquisitors, and other characters that once reigned over the city

Best time: all year round

Amsterdam Dungeon
Amsterdam Dungeon

A visit to Amsterdam Dungeon will take you back to the dreary past of the city. In 80 minutes you're going to live through 500 most horrible years represented through 12 shows. Talented actors ensure a truly unforgettable experience, as realistically as possible—you will meet insane inquisitors, and devious torturers; smell burning witches; take part in the interactive murder scenes, and reveal the darkest secrets of the city. It's going to be hilarious and spine-chilling at the same time.

This spooky entertainment is available all year round. To avoid lines you are encouraged to book tickets online beforehand. Kids under 10 are not allowed, and guests under 13 are to be accompanied by adults. Photo and video are forbidden.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam Dungeon?

The attraction is open year-round, but November to March makes for the best time as it is the low-season months when there are fewer visitors and shorter waiting times. The attraction can get quite crowded in peak season, especially in July and August. So if you want to avoid the crowds, plan your visit accordingly. Show more

Where can I book tickets for Amsterdam Dungeon?

Amsterdam Dungeon tickets can be booked online on their official website or purchased at the attraction's ticket office. It is advisable to buy the tickets online before the visit to avoid queues and save money. The attraction is a popular one, and the tickets sell out quickly, so it is recommended that you purchase them as early as possible. Show more

What is the age limit for visiting Amsterdam Dungeon?

Amsterdam Dungeon is designed for adults and is not recommended for children under the age of 10. Children aged 10 to 13 can enter the attraction when accompanied by an adult. Visitors should note that the show's content can be quite daunting and intimidating and may not be suitable for everyone. Show more

How long does a visit to Amsterdam Dungeon take?

A visit to Amsterdam Dungeon lasts for approximately an hour and 20 minutes. The experience comprises 12 shows that relive the most sinister moments in Dutch history. Every show is interactive, and the actors provide an immersive experience with special effects. It is advisable to arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid rushing and to ensure a smooth entrance. Show more

Can we take photos or videos inside Amsterdam Dungeon?

As a rule, Amsterdam Dungeon does not allow visitors to take pictures or videos during the show. The restriction is to maintain the show's confidentiality and the performers' privacy. However, there are opportunities for photography before and after the show. The Amsterdam Dungeon's souvenir shop is stocked with exciting mementos and memorabilia to purchase. Show more

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