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Ancient City of Petra in Jordan

Sanctuary carved in stone is Jordan's most precious miracle

Best time: March–June | September–December

Ancient City of Petra
Ancient City of Petra
Ancient City of Petra
Ancient City of Petra

Petra is one of the most unique sites in the whole world. It's a city full of tombs and monuments carved into stone cliffs. From the third century B.C., it used to be the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. You'll be impressed by Petra at any time of the year. But mind that in summer, it gets really hot, while in winter, harsh winds and desert storms are possible.​

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When is the best time to visit Petra in Jordan?

Petra can be visited during most of the year, however, the prime time to travel is from March to mid-June and from September to December. The weather is moderate and is conducive to sightseeing. Precisely the summer season is discouraged since the weather tends to get excessively hot, whereas during the winter there are high possibilities of sand and desert storms. As a result, the conditions aren't favorable for touring. Show more

Where is Petra located in Jordan?

Petra lies in Southern Jordan in proximity to the town of Wadi Musa. In former times, it served as the Nabatean Kingdom's capital city and was a significant trading hub. Situated in a basin among the mountains with a backdrop of eastern Arabian valley which stretches from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba, the architecture and monuments at Petra are exclusive and carved into the sandstone cliffs that appear red. Show more

What is the significance of Petra in Jordanian history?

Petra's emergence dates back to 3rd century BC when it was the capital city of the Nabatean Kingdom. Initially, it was a commercial center that was a frequent stoppage point for routes that traded spices and silk. Unique for its architecture and monuments, which were carved into the red sandstone cliffs, Petra holds a prominent position in Jordanian history. The destination is now a UNESCO World Heritage and has also been listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Show more

What are some popular things to do in Petra other than visiting the main monuments?

With over 800 individual monuments, Petra is a vast destination to explore. Visiting the Petra Museum is one of the best things to do where one can witness Nabataean life and artifactual displays. Furthermore, going on the Al-Khubtha trail and hiking the landmarks gives a panoramic view of the region. Visitors can also go around Petra by riding a horse and camel. The Monastery is yet another well-conserved and notable monument, however, reaching it requires one to climb a steep path. Show more

When is the peak tourist season in Petra and how to avoid crowds while visiting?

May to August are the months when there are the most tourist visits. Visiting during December to February, when the tourist count is the least, is the best time to steer clear of the crowd. An additional advantage of visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon is to ensure that the tourist volume is low. Tourists can also avoid the crowd by traveling on paths that are less visited, for example, the paths leading to monuments like the Monastery, the High Place of Sacrifice and the view from the Treasury's balcony. Show more

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