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Buckingham Palace Tours

The finest pieces of art, exquisite furniture, and the overall magnificence of the palace evoke great awe


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When the Queen is away from her royal residence for her annual visit to Balmoral, the grand entrance of Buckingham Palace opens for curious holidayers who want to get a glimpse of royal life. Nineteen exquisite sta​te rooms contain unbelievable treasures like paintings of from such famous artists as Rubens, Rembrandt, Canaletto, and Poussin to refined English and French furniture. The rich decorations will dazzle any tourist leaving them simply speechless. The magnificent ballroom, the highly disciplined Royal Guards, and the luxurious garden and lake all make for life-long memories. The tour runs from late July or early August to late September depending on the time of the Queen's departure and return.

Garden in front of the Buckingham Palace 2020
Garden in front of the Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace Entrance 2020
Buckingham Palace Entrance
Garden of Buckingham Palace 2020
Garden of Buckingham Palace

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