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Olives & Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best the moment it is pressed, and January is the best month to check the shop shelves for a variety of bottled extra virgin

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Spain is the main supplier of table olives in the world market. Nowhere else you can see so many varieties and types of processing of olives, as in Spain. Camporreal, Manzanilla, Gordal, Hojiblanca, Cacereña, Verdial Morona, Cañivana, Picolimón, Gordalilla, Aloreña, Rapazalla, Picuda, Cordobí are a small part of the varieties, which number about a hundred overall.

Most of the olive crop (around 70%) is pressed into olive oil. Each type of olive oil has a unique aromatic profile, from spicy to sweet, smooth to sour. Traditionally, each olive oil is made from only one kind of olives. The most famous olive oil from Spain is Picua.

As a rule, the olives are to be pressed during the first 24 hours after harvest. Unlike wine, olive oil is the best the moment it's pressed. Olives are gathered between December and February. In January, bottles of extra virgin olive oil hit the shelves of food shops in the month of January.

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