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Castlepalooza 2018

An independent music party in a beautiful historical venue


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An annual Irish independent music festival is held every summer at Charleville Castle in Tullamore. Castlepalooza is often called "the best little music festival in Ireland." Spectators have exclusive access to the old haunted castle during the festival weekend with such bonuses as art exhibitions, workshops, a fortune teller, games, a cocktail bar, comedy club and burlesque shows.

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Festival-goers can also access the courtyard of the castle. Some of the money collected by the festival is spent on restoration works at the castle.

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Charleville Castle is located in the middle of Ireland, so it's quite easy to access from all major cities. The spot has a big historical significance. In the 6th century, it was part of the ancient monastic site of Lynally, part of Durrow monastic settlement.

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In the 14th century, these lands were ruled by the O’Moore family. The construction of Charleville Castle started in 1798 by Charles William Bury, Earl of Charleville. It hosted Lord Byron and other prominent people throughout its history.

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