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Sunset at Mount Phou Si in Laos

328 steps lead to a beautiful view over ancient golden temples that reflect the last beams of the falling Sun

Sunset at Mount Phou Si
Sunset at Mount Phou Si

Luang Prabang is one of the key spots in Laos, as it holds many activities and events throughout the year. But if you want to have a laid-back evening and enjoy the most stunning view of the city, you have to climb Phou Si Hill. The hill is located in the middle of the city between two rivers. It is only 100 meters high, so there is not much difficulty to reach its peak.

There are two stairways which wind among green trees and places of interest on the hill. One has 328 steps and it passes by one active and one abandoned temple. Another has 355 steps and features some more interesting stops, like a small cave temple Wat Tham Phousi—a display of golden coloured Buddha images in different mudras. The best recommendation is to take one road up and another one down the hill. On top of Phou Si, there is a golden pagoda Wat Chomsi with a large seated Buddha surrounded by smaller ones.

Nevertheless, the Hill is more popular for its gorgeous view that opens from the top. One can see the city, flowing rivers, and even the countryside of Luang Prabang. The clearest and the most magnificent view can usually be seen during sunset in the dry period.

Practical info

When is the ideal period to witness a picturesque sunset view from Mount Phou Si?

The perfect time to experience a beautiful sunset view from Mount Phou Si is the dry season, which lasts from November to February in Laos. The sky is usually free of clouds during this period, and the sun sets in a striking orange and red hue. Although the hill is only 100 meters high, it offers a beautiful view of Luang Prabang's cityscape, flowing rivers, and countryside. Show more

How many steps are there to reach the apex of Mount Phou Si?

Visitors ascending Mount Phou Si's summit need to climb two stairways, one with 328 steps and the other with 355 steps. These meandering stairs offer picturesque views of the verdant trees and exciting pit stops during the climb. Climbers are recommended to traverse both en route and upon descent to make the most of the journey. Show more

What are some noteworthy stops on the stairways leading to Mount Phou Si?

The staircase leading to Mount Phou Si is dotted with several points of interest. Stops on the 328-step staircase include an abandoned temple, an active temple, and Wat Tham Phousi, which displays golden Buddha images in several mudras. The 355-step staircase features a small cave temple that is worth a visit. The climb also provides an intriguing opportunity to appreciate the lush canopy and thriving foliage of the hill. Show more

What is the name of the golden pagoda atop Mount Phou Si?

At the pinnacle of Mount Phou Si lies a glistening golden pagoda called Wat Chomsi. Featuring a massive seated Buddha in a cluster of smaller Buddha idols, it offers an ideal spot to savor the tremendous view of Luang Prabang and its environs while engaging in moments of solitude and inner reflection. Show more

What are some of the various popular activities and festivities held throughout the year in Luang Prabang?

Luang Prabang is a destination ripe for exploration with an abundance of activities and festivals. Visitors can explore the lively Night Market, participate in the colorful Boat Racing Festival, enjoy the vibrant Hmong New Year and Khao Padap Din festivals. Exploring the Royal Palace Museum, lapping up traditional Lao cuisine, and exploring the Kuang Si Waterfalls are some of the other experiences it offers. Show more

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