Best time to visit Rome

Winter Sunsets

Heard a lot about Rome's beautiful architecture? This city's Baroque masterpieces look especially charming during winter sunsets


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When you find yourself in Rome in winter after visiting a few other European capitals you might start thinking: Rome is a bit different from the rest, and there is definitely something special about Rome, and you may begin to wonder exactly why. What makes Rome stand out from all the rest is its gorgeous marble and travertine colours.

Winter Sunsets in Rome - Best Season 2020

Rome's celebrated Baroque architecture is incomparable owing to the low winter sun that enhances the vividness of light colours which look fantastic​ against the ​blue sky. The best views are available at sunset. The refined charm of this city will leave you with great impressions and perhaps even wanting to return for more.

Best time for Winter Sunsets in Rome 2020
View from the top of the park near Piazza del Popolo 2020
View from the top of the park near Piazza del Popolo
Best time to see Winter Sunsets in Rome 2020

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