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Best time to visit Turkey

Beach Season (Aegean & Mediterranean Coasts)

In Turkey's southern coastline summer arrives earlier than in its northern counterpart and leaves later as well, so you have a plenty of time to enjoy the extended beach season


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Whereas the chilly Black Sea is the most welcoming June through August, beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline host the first vacationers early in May, and beach season is extended well into late October. July and August are usually too hot allowing one to stay on the beach only early in the morning, and then late in the afternoon. Moreover, these two months are the most crowded, as locals have holidays and flock to the beaches as well.

The most popular beaches along Turkey's south-western coastline are located in the Provinces of Antalya, Muğla, and Izmir.

Besides neat beaches washed with turquoise waters and mountainous backdrop, Turkish coastal resorts are also celebrated for numerous historical and cultural landmarks. Some most outstanding include the castle of St Peter set amidst the all-white Bodrum town on the Bodrum Peninsula, or the ancient ruins of the Side and its temples of Apollo and Athena,—a place where once the very Antony used to ask Cleopatra for a date. Moreover, many of south-western beaches provide excellent weather conditions for kiting and paragliding, in particular, Ölüdeniz lagoon is a world-known paragliding destination. So you definitely won't be bored with simply lying in the sun, and bathing in the sea.

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