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Ice Skating in Austria

Experience the variety of ice skating locations in Tyrol

Best time: December–March

Ice Skating
Ice Skating

Tyrol offers a wide range of places to practice ice skating. You can find artificial ice rinks, ice stadiums, indoor ice rinks, and even lakes where you can go ice skating. This kind of sport brings joy to both adults and kids. Enjoy skating and a very special winter atmosphere in Tyrol.

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When is the best time to go ice skating in Tyrol, Austria?

Tyrol, Austria is best for ice skating during the winter season from December to March as the temperature drops down, freezing the edifice. While natural outdoor ice arenas may not be secure early in the season, ice stadiums and rinks are recommended since they maintain the ice throughout the season. Show more

Where can I find natural ice rinks in Tyrol, besides lakes?

Small towns and villages of Tyrol, Austria that have frozen rivers and ponds are the home for various natural ice rinks apart from the lakes. Seefeld is a popular town where a natural ice rink is present in the town center. Other natural ice rinks can be found in St. Anton, Pertisau, and Ellmau. Show more

What are some popular indoor ice rinks in Tyrol, Austria?

Tyrol, Austria has numerous popular indoor ice rinks for both tourists and locals. The Olympic ice rink in Innsbruck is one of the oldest and popular stadiums. Other highly recommended indoor ice rinks are located in Kitzbühel, Fügen, and Reutte. Show more

Where is the largest ice stadium located in Tyrol, Austria?

Innsbruck is the home to Tyrol's largest ice stadium, the Olympiaworld ice stadium that can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators. The stadium houses two skating rinks, one for skating and the other for ice hockey, and is known for hosting concerts, exhibitions, and trade fairs. Olympiaworld ice stadium is open to the public for skating sessions and ice hockey games. Show more

Can I rent ice skating equipment in Tyrol, Austria?

Rental services for ice skating equipment are available in Tyrol, Austria. Ice rinks and stadiums usually offer ice skates, helmets, and protective gear for an affordable price. However, it is recommended to carry your own equipment if you want to plan natural outdoor ice rinks for skating as rental services may not be available in such areas. Show more

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