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Beach Season in Colombia

Enjoy the best beaches on the Caribbean coast in Colombia

Best time: late December–April

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

Colombia is famous for its beautiful beaches. The most popular are Taganga, Providencia, San Andres, and Playa Blanca.

Taganga—a little fishing village on the Caribbean coast—boasts a charming beach with lots of attractions. Providencia and San Andres are excellent islands for snorkeling and scuba diving. In Providencia, scuba divers can explore the world’s third largest barrier reef. Playa Blanca is a beautiful long white sand beach with crystal clear, turquoise coloured water and lots of activities.

The Carribean coast is great for visiting all year round because of the climate. However, it's better to avoid hurricane season (from September till December). The peak season lasts from late December till the end of April. These are the busiest months to visit in terms of the crowds, and you need to be prepared for higher hotel rates and flight prices.

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What are some popular beaches in Colombia and what activities are available there?

In Colombia, there are many beautiful beaches like Taganga, Providencia, San Andres, and Playa Blanca that offer a wide range of tourist attractions. Taganga affords a vast number of local attractions while Providencia and San Andres serve as island destinations that are great for scuba diving and snorkeling. Moreover, Providencia is known for the world's third-largest barrier reef that presents extensive opportunities to explore marine life, while Playa Blanca has turquoise water and plethora of activities that enthral travelers. Apart from these, a wide range of cultural events and festivals keep happening throughout the year. Show more

When is the best time to visit Colombia for a beach trip?

The hurricane season runs from September till December in Colombia, so it is better to avoid this period. Apart from that, the entire year presents a conducive climate. However, the period from late December till April receives a lot of tourists, hence increasing hotel rates and crowd. In contrast, the off-peak season from May till November brings fewer tourists, hence more affordable prices and uncrowded beaches. Therefore, it depends on personal preference whether to visit during the peak or off-peak season. Show more

Where is Taganga located in Colombia?

Taganga is one of the numerous fishing villages present on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The village is surrounded by lush green hills and presents a mesmerizing view of the beach. The waters here are crystal clear, offering a wide range of water activities like diving and snorkeling. Taganga is famous for its marine life and a plethora of other lucrative features like restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars that cater to tourists' needs and provide them with a tranquil atmosphere to relax in. Show more

What makes Providencia and San Andres unique for scuba diving?

Providencia and San Andres, the two beautiful islands off the coast of Colombia, are known for their unique and rewarding scuba diving experiences. Providencia presents the world's third-largest barrier reef, setting grounds to explore abundant underwater life. On the other hand, San Andres sports a tranquil setting with less intense underwater currents, making it perfect for beginners to explore while enjoying the scenic beauty. Both islands offer an exclusive and diverse marine life that is endemic to the region, hence, providing travelers with a unique and memorable experience. Show more

Are there any specific precautions that tourists should take during hurricane season in Colombia?

While it is safe to visit Colombia during the hurricane season, it is better to exercise due caution. The hurricane season that runs from September till December needs periodic monitoring of local news and weather updates for warnings or potential hazards. It is essential to have travel and medical insurance that covers issues that may arise during the trip. Moreover, make prior reservations and frame a solid itinerary to steer clear of any risky regions during this period. Show more

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