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Best time to visit New York

Bike the Big Apple

The best way to explore the scenic views of the Big Apple on a nice warm day is by bike ​

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Either alone or on an organized tour, the best way to explore the sights of the Big Apple is by bike. And since the New York City Bike Share Program started working, it's even easier. You can start with the Central Park, an all-time classic and discover its hidden treasures like the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, the Belvedere Castle, the Bow Bridge and the Strawberry fields, and Imagine Mosaic, a tribute to John Lennon. If you want to explore the city's neighbourhoods, you should check the city's bike path map and plan your trip in advance to make your trip more comfortable and safe. Among some of the most scenic routes are Carroll Gardens to Coney Island, the Hudson River Greenway that goes to the George Washington Bridge and offers places for picnics by the river along the way, the Governors Island, which is completely car free and has some great views of Lower Manhattan and the New York Harbour. There's also Pulaski Bridge which is sometimes called the NoBroSlow ride and is a scenic tour of North Brooklyn. And don't forget the Rockaways Ride, a super panoramic path al​ong the beach.​

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