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Broumovské Stěny (Broumov Walls) Climbing in Czech Republic

A picturesque sandrock climbing area with a diverse landscape

Best time: July–December

Broumovské Stěny (Broumov Walls) Climbing
Broumovské Stěny (Broumov Walls) Climbing

Broumovské stěny or Broumov Walls is an extension of the Stołowe Mountains, a 12km long mountain ridge separating the Broumov and Polické basins. It's one of the most beautiful locations for hiking and climbing in the Czech Republic. It's usually not crowded (even in the summer) and offers great views from the top of rock sandstone formations.

The highest point of Broumovské stěny is Božanovský Špičák with an elevation of 773m. It's one of the most popular spots along with Koruna (Crown), rising at a height of 769m. It's also worth checking out the canyon named Kovářova rokle (Blacksmith's Gorge). The range is surrounded by a few mountains with interesting animal names—Cat, Owl, and Tortoise. Broumov Walls cover a huge territory with something attractive for everyone.

Rock climbing is possible here in several designated areas from July 1st to December 31st. Some areas can even be climbed from early May. You must be familiar with the rules of climbing in sandstone areas before starting your adventure.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Broumovské Stěny for climbing?

To ensure an enjoyable and safe climbing experience, the ideal time to visit Broumovské Stěny for rock climbing is from July to December. Climbing can begin in early May depending on the area, but visitors should regularly monitor the weather forecast as it can be unpredictable. Warmer and drier weather during these months make climbing less hazardous, and climbers can take advantage of the suitable conditions. Show more

Where are the popular spots for rock climbing in Broumovské Stěny?

Božanovský Špičák and Koruna (Crown) are the highest and most scenic points of the Broumovské Stěny range, popular with rock climbers. Climbers can enjoy stunning panoramic views from the top of the sandstone formations. Blacksmith's Gorge or Kovářova rokle is another interesting spot for more experienced climbers. There are several designated areas in Broumov Walls for rock climbing, each with its unique climbing routes and features. Show more

What kind of landscape can be seen from the top of Broumovské Stěny?

The summit of Broumovské Stěny offers hikers and climbers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The sandstone formations are visible from many vantage points, and visitors can see the Broumov and Polické basins clearly. The landscape is dotted with mountains uniquely named after animals such as the Cat, Owl, and Tortoise. The combination of forests, gorges, and rock formations creates a breathtaking landscape that provides an unforgettable natural experience. Show more

How crowded is it usually when rock climbing in Broumovské Stěny?

Despite being a great destination for outdoor activity during the summer months, Broumov Walls are usually quiet, providing a peaceful environment for visitors. The limited availability of climbing permits in designated areas also reduces crowds during peak periods. Climbers can, therefore, take pleasure in the natural beauty of the rock formations without the risk of overcrowding. Show more

What should one be familiar with before starting a rock climbing adventure in Broumovské Stěny?

Climbers planning to explore Broumovské Stěny should acquaint themselves with the rules and procedures surrounding rock climbing in sandstone areas. Climbing permits are mandatory for designated areas, and climbers should prioritize their safety first. The rocks in the area are delicate and prone to breaking, which can result in accidents. During the breeding season, climbers should be cautious of wildlife like birds of prey and take precautions while climbing near their nesting sites. Show more

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