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The sweet delicacy made in the end of the harvest season

Best time: September–November


Although, churchkhela is stored all year round, its production process as well as tasting it fresh is much worth mentioning! The most popular churchkhela is made of grape juice, but you should also try its variations from grapefruit and cherry. In the end of Rtveli​ or Harvest season when fruits are gathered, Georgians prepare for the new season of traditional sweets making. The process is quite time-consuming, but as a good wine, it takes some time for perfection.

After the fruits are gathered, they are juiced and a string of walnut harvest are dipped into the juice often called Tatara. Some flour is added to the juice to thicken it. After the mixing, the treat is dried in the sun for about 1 to 2 weeks. This is done so to take away the stickiness of the mixture. The moment it stops being sticky, it is ready for consumption, but some prefer to put it into boxes and store it in the cold place to make it harder. There churchkhela can be stored up to the next harvest season. The taste is delicate and rich, sweet or a little bit sour. It may have a ​white layer of sugar powder which indicates the best quality of grapes used for making it.

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