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Canyoning in Goa

Bored with idyllic beaches? Fill up your vacation with something a bit more extreme!

Best time: January–February


If sitting on beaches all day long is boring for you, try out canyoning. It involves walking, jumping, sliding, swimming, climbing, abseiling, and much more. It's great fun and may even help you find new sides of yourself. Canyoning demands you to be fit, active, and fearless, as your expedition may take hours. Try out the Netravali Wildlife Preserve or Palolem beach. One breath-taking spot in Goa is the Upper Sauri Canyon. Here you'll find a sanctuary with 6 main waterfalls, among which you can choose your favorite.

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What is canyoning and what activities does it involve in Goa?

Canyoning is an activity that involves traversing through canyons by performing various thrilling activities including climbing, abseiling, swimming, walking and jumping. Canyoning in Goa is offered in places like Netravali Wildlife Preserve or Palolem Beach where one can explore their adventurous selves for several hours by requiring a certain level of physical fitness and a penchant for adventure. Show more

Where are some of the best locations for canyoning in Goa?

In case of a canyoning adventure in Goa, one can choose from locations like Netravali Wildlife Preserve and Palolem Beach. The Upper Sauri Canyon is considered as one of the jaw-dropping locations for canyoning where a person can go to explore a sanctuary with six waterfalls from which they can choose one to rappel down. Show more

When is the best time of year to visit Goa for canyoning?

The period from mid-October to April which is the drier season is the best time to visit Goa for canyoning. Ideally, January or February prove the best months for canyoning as the weather remains pleasant for several hours of intense activity. Show more

Are there any fitness or age requirements for canyoning in Goa?

Canyoning in Goa is a physically demanding activity that requires a reasonable degree of fitness and comfort with heights and water-based activities. Although age is not a limit, it is best suited for people having a good physical shape and are comfortable with physical activities that require intense exertion. Show more

What kind of gear or equipment do you need for a canyoning expedition in Goa?

For a canyoning expedition in Goa, it is recommended to wear suitable comfortable athletic clothing that allows for easy movement. A sturdy pair of shoes capable of protecting the feet well while hiking and during water activities is essential. Other necessary equipment include a wetsuit, helmet, harness, ropes, and carabiners can usually be rented from companies providing canyoning tours in Goa. Show more

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