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Hungarians say "Pálinka in small amounts is a medicine, in large amounts a remedy"

Best time: September–May


The first records of pálinka come from the 14th century as a remedy for arthritis. Hence it has become a fruit brandy with a minimum alcohol content of 37.5 percent, which can be produced only in Hungary and four regions of Austria.

There are several traditions you should stick to when tasting pálinka—it should be around 10-15 °C, you say "Isten, Isten" when lifting the glass, then drink the whole glass and slam it on the table. One of the most famous Hungarian pálinkas is made of apricots and is known as "fütyülős"(whistling) apricot brandy. Both “fütyülős” and other sorts are made of fruits, which weren’t eaten during the harvest period. The liquid should be stirred, fermented and distilled for several times. New palinka appears on markets and in stores in autumn. Historically some of it should be tasted right away and some should be kept until winter when it is supposed to ward off cold. In late spring though one of the best places to try more than 300 sorts of this drink is Budapest Pálinka Festival.

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