Best time to travel to Jordan

Olive Harvest

Picking olives by hand together with local farmers is an authentic Jordanian experience!

Olive Harvest in Jordan 2019 - Best Time
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© Magnus Halsnes

Olive oil is of the utmost importance in Jordanian cuisine: it adds a special flavour turning plain dishes into delicacies—even a piece of bread tastes somewhat incredible​ with a few sprinkles of magic liquid. Fresh olives, especially, deserve their own spotlight. They are found in abundance during olive harvest season between mid-October and mid-November.

Olive Harvest in Jordan - Best Season 2019

If you are not a real fan of olives themselves, you might still enjoy the authentic process of harvest, which has recently become available for tourists. Local farmers welcome travelers who want to engage in the traditional activity and at the same time experience a part of local culture.

Best time for Olive Harvest in Jordan 2019
Olives growing at the Mount Nebo, Jordan 2019
Olives growing at the Mount Nebo, Jordan