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Olive Harvest in Jordan

Picking olives by hand together with local farmers is an authentic Jordanian experience!

Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest

Olive oil is of the utmost importance in Jordanian cuisine: it adds a special flavour turning plain dishes into delicacies—even a piece of bread tastes somewhat incredible​ with a few sprinkles of magic liquid. Fresh olives, especially, deserve their own spotlight. They are found in abundance during olive harvest season between mid-October and mid-November.

If you are not a real fan of olives themselves, you might still enjoy the authentic process of harvest, which has recently become available for tourists. Local farmers Pella, Umm Qais, Ajloun, and many others welcome travelers who want to engage in the traditional activity and at the same time experience a part of local culture.

Practical info

When is the best time to see the olive harvest season?

The olive harvest season in Jordan typically starts from mid-October and lasts until mid-November. The actual time can change, depending on that year's weather conditions. During the period, tourists who plan to visit the country can get a unique, authentic experience by observing the traditional method of olive picking. Show more

What are some of the locations for olive picking in Jordan?

The olive harvest season is hosted by many local farmers, providing tourists with a chance to participate in the activity at multiple locations in Jordan. Travelers can choose from many popular spots like Umm Qais, Ajloun, and Pella, helping them immerse themselves in the local community and customs. It would be most helpful to research and ask for advice from locals to have the authentic experience possible. Show more

How is olive harvesting carried out in Jordan?

Harvesting of olives in Jordan is usually done manually using handheld rakes or by merely plucking the olives and keeping them in a basket. After the olives are collected, they are taken to the presses where they are turned into oil. Visitors will be able to view each step of the process, from fruit picking to pressing, and gain knowledge about the local production method. Show more

Which traditional dishes of Jordan use olive oil?

Olive oil is an essential item in Jordan's cuisine, used extensively in numerous local dishes. Mansaf is one of the most popular dishes and is typically made with succulent lamb, rice, and yoghurt sauce infused with olive oil. Other well-known dishes include chicken or meat makloubeh with a mouth-watering upside-down rice dish and a crispy pita bread salad known locally as fattoush. Show more

Can visitors join local farmers during the olive harvest season?

If planned ahead, tourists are welcome to be a part of the olive harvest with local farmers in Jordan. It's a perfect opportunity to engage in the country's culture and witness such an old tradition. It is necessary to make prior arrangements with the farming community to ensure the richest and most genuine possible experience. Show more

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