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Canyoning at its Best in Nepal 2024-2025

Canyoning is a unique way to experience Nepal's lush nature while participating in one of the most exciting activities ever

Best time: mid September–December

Canyoning at its Best

Imagine yourself struggling, jumping, sliding and swimming down the steep canyon walls to get to the pools of water. The area between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the way to Chitwan boasts to be the top destination for canyoning. Plan your trip after monsoon season when the waters get full and bring most excitement!

Practical info

When is the best time for canyoning in Nepal?

The best time to go canyoning in Nepal is between mid-September and December, after the rainy season and while the waters are high. The weather is also optimal for outdoor activities during this period. Although activities are available throughout the year, some seasons provide more intense activities than others. Show more

Where is the top destination for canyoning in Nepal?

The region between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the way to Chitwan has several canyons and is well-known for its canyoning. Different canyons with varying features such as steep canyon walls, natural pools of water, and the perfect abseiling height are available. Some tours are also available that provide multiple-day adventures in the region. Show more

What is the level of difficulty for canyoning in Nepal?

There is a variety of canyons in Nepal, ranging from easy to difficult, that cater to individuals' experience. For beginners, it's recommended to start with beginner-friendly canyons with easy-to-follow routes with more technical, longer, and difficult routes available for experienced adventurers. However, taking professional tours is crucial to ensure safety regardless of the difficulty faced. Show more

What equipment is required for canyoning in Nepal?

A wetsuit, neoprene socks, a climbing helmet, a harness, canyoning shoes, and a canyoning backpack with ropes and carabiners are among the specialized equipment needed for canyoning. Standard equipment is usually provided by the tour operators, but it's important to verify package details before booking a trip. Other than the standard equipment, additional clothing and personal items based on individual preferences and weather conditions are also necessary. Show more

Can beginners participate in canyoning in Nepal?

There are beginner-friendly canyons in Nepal that offer short routes and slides that pose no significant challenge, making it ideal for first-time canyoning participants. Skilled guides are assigned to provide necessary equipment and teach the basics of canyoning. Participants can gradually move to challenging canyons as they gain experience and confidence. Show more

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