Best time to visit Vancouver

Cycling & Mountain Biking in Vancouver

For those who adore cycling and biking, Vancouver has lots to offer—from peaceful city cycling to adventurous mountain trails and amazing bike parks

Best time: April–October

Cycling & Mountain Biking
Cycling & Mountain Biking
Cycling & Mountain Biking
Cycling & Mountain Biking

Numerous cycle paths and routes of various difficulty level await you in and around Vancouver, and this is probably the best way to explore the beauty of this city.

The mild climate and perfect network of bike lanes make Vancouver an ideal cycling destination. Some of the best trails can be found along the Seawall, Lost Lagoon, around beautiful beaches like Sunset Beach, Kitsilano Beach and Jericho Beach, through lush gardens, forested areas, and gorgeous parks like the Queen Elizabeth and Stanley Parks.

Vancouver's urban area with all of its museums, historic districts, and outdoor cafes is one big space to discover. You can cycle here almost year round, but during the rainy months it can be quite difficult especially for those that prefer a more off-road approach.

If you’re one of those adventure seekers, visit the nearest neighbourhood of Vancouver and explore some of its adrenaline pumping routes. Just 30 minutes from the city you can find all sorts of mountain and cross-country trails. The North Shore is known as a perfect mountain biking place. Various climbs, woodlands, and technical downhill rides can all be found here. North Vancouver is a world class biking destination for riders of all skill levels!

Practical info

What is the best time to go cycling or mountain biking in Vancouver?

Cycling or mountain biking is a favored activity in Vancouver, with the best time of the year being between April and October. During this period, the weather is mild, and the trails are dry, making it a favorite activity for many visitors. Preferably, it is best to cycle during the dry months as the trails can be muddy and slippery during the rainy seasons from November to March. With the right gear and preparation, cycling can still be enjoyable in Vancouver all year round. Show more

Which trails should I explore for a peaceful city cycling experience?

For a peaceful city cycling experience, Vancouver offers several scenic trails that provide breathtaking views of the city, lush greenery, and ocean vistas. The Seawall, Lost Lagoon, Jericho Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Stanley, and Queen Elizabeth Parks are some of the most popular trails known for their serene and picturesque views. Whether on a bike rental or a personal bike, exploring these stunning trails is an unforgettable experience. Show more

Where can I find the best mountain biking trails near Vancouver?

North Shore is the home of the most thrilling mountain biking trails near Vancouver. The area is only a 30-minute drive away from the city center, and it features a comprehensive network of trails that caters to all levels of riders, including the cross-country, technical downhill rides and climbs. Other trails ideal for mountain biking like Burke Mountain, Mount Seymour, and Squamish provide varying degrees of difficulty, scenic views and can be accessed all year round. Show more

Is Vancouver a bicycle-friendly city?

Vancouver city prides itself on being a bicycle-friendly city, offering visitors and locals an extensive network of bike lanes, routes, and trails throughout the area. Coupled with mild year-round weather, cyclists are sure to enjoy a memorable experience roaming Vancouver on two wheels. The city has also implemented several initiatives, among them public bike rentals and city-sponsored biking events, aimed at improving cycling infrastructure. Despite some drivers disregarding the rights of cyclists on the road, Vancouver remains a generally safe and friendly city for cycling. Show more

Are there any bike rental options available for tourists in Vancouver?

There are countless bike rental options available for tourists visiting Vancouver from several rental shops located throughout the city. Depending on duration, location, and bike type, prices may vary. Popular bike rental companies like Cycle City Rentals, Vancouver Bike Rental, and Spokes Bike Rental offer reliable rental services, providing high-quality bikes ideal for an unforgettable cycling experience in Vancouver. Show more

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