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Tyrolean Climbing Gardens in Austria 2024

Practice your skills or learn how to climb in the climbing gardens of Tyrol

Best time: May–November

Tyrolean Climbing Gardens
Tyrolean Climbing Gardens
Tyrolean Climbing Gardens
Tyrolean Climbing Gardens

Tyrol has a large variety of climbing sports and activities suitable for everyone. A day spent in one of the climbing gardens can become a great experience and fun for the whole family among the beautiful surroundings Austria has to offer. Here you can find climbing gardens for beginners and kids, and more challenging rocks for professional climbers. The climbing garden Schneekönig in St. Anton has 13 routes starting at the Darmstädter Hütte refuge. Starkenbach has 197 routes, up to 40 m. Karrenwand in Karres, Imst-Gurgltal has 81 medium difficulty routes up to 40 metres. Climbing is most comfortable during the warm season. If it rains the rocks may take a few hours to dry.

Practical info

What is the recommended time to visit the climbing gardens?

The Tyrolean climbing gardens are best visited between May and November when the rocks are dry, and the warm weather ensures maximum comfort during the climbing excursion. It is, however, advisable to choose days that are sunny to avoid any discomfort. Note that the rocks may take more than a few hours to dry after rainfall, so check the weather forecast. Show more

Where can one find the climbing gardens in Tyrol?

Tyrol is home to a variety of climbing gardens, including popular ones like Starkenbach, Karrenwand in Karres, Imst-Gurgltal, and Schneekönig in St. Anton. Visitors can find other locations through regional tourism sites that also offer transportation and accommodation options for visitors traveling in the region via public transport. Show more

What kinds of climbing gardens are available in Tyrol?

Tyrol features climbing gardens that cater to different skill levels, including options for beginners, children, and experienced climbers with unique formations up to 40 m high. Beginner and child-friendly routes are often easier, shorter, and closer to the ground, while others, like those at Karrenwand, offer medium-level climbing routes. Resort websites offer information on the suitable options for visitors. Show more

How many routes are available in Schneekönig and Starkenbach?

St. Anton's Schneekönig boasts thirteen diverse routes starting from the Darmstädter Hütte, while Karres' Starkenbach offers 197 challenging routes with varying formations and heights that reach up to 40 m. Each resort has different options that cater to a wide range of skills, but those who wish to challenge their skills further may prefer Starkenbach's numerous options. Show more

Are there suitable climbing options for children and beginners?

Most Tyrolean climbing gardens offer suitable routes for beginners and children. Usually, these routes are shorter, closer to the ground, and outfitted with safety measures to ensure a safe climbing experience. Anyone with a basic level of fitness can participate, but visitors must first seek guidance from professional instructors present in the region to ensure a fun and secure excursion. Show more

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