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Jet Skiing in French Polynesia

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Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing
Jet Ski Tour, French Polynesia

Jet skiing is probably the best way to discover Tahiti. Speeding across the turquoise waters of the Pacific, you’ll spot friendly dolphins and lots of gorgeous fish. You may also want to relax in a paradisal lagoon or even go whale watching—if you’re up for the challenge, of course.

If you don't know where to begin your jet-skiing adventure, there are a ton of jet ski rental agencies scattered across the island. Of course, one of the best routes is Tahiti-island-to-Mo'orea and back. Its jaw-dropping views are a bucket-list thing.

Practical info

Where are the best spots to go jet-skiing in French Polynesia?

If jet-skiing is on your to-do list while in French Polynesia, you should consider visiting some of the popular spots such as Opunohu Bay in Moorea, Papeete's lagoons or the Bora Bora lagoon. You'll get breathtaking views and the chance to see different aquatic creatures like dolphins and colorful fish. Show more

When is the best time of year to go jet-skiing in French Polynesia?

If you want the best experience jet-skiing in French Polynesia, May to October is the perfect time to go. The weather is dry and sunny, making the water calmer and more visible which means clearer views. You could still go off-season, but you should prepare for occasional showers. Show more

What types of marine life can you expect to see while jet-skiing in French Polynesia?

Don't be surprised if you spot several species of aquatic mammals while jet-skiing in French Polynesia. Colorful fish, rays, sea turtles, and even friendly dolphins are a common sight while exploring the waters. If you happen to jet-ski during the right season, you could also enjoy whale watching and spot magnificent humpback whales. Show more

How do I choose a reputable jet ski rental agency in Tahiti?

When in search of a rental agency, it's crucial to prioritize safety and, therefore, the importance of finding a reputable one. Such agencies have well-maintained jet skis, trained staff, safety gear, and positive online reviews. Ensure you conduct your research and read the rental agreement's fine print before signing anything. Recommendations from hotels, resorts, or locals can also prove to be helpful. Show more

Is it safe for beginners to go jet-skiing in French Polynesia?

Jet-skiing in French Polynesia while following the guidelines and taking the necessary precautions is entirely safe for everyone, including beginners. If you're a newbie, take a short lesson before renting your jet-ski and always wear a lifejacket. Ensure you observe the speed limits and stay within the designated areas as you keep an eye out for other sea vessels to avoid accidents. Show more

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