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Best time to visit Alhambra and Granada


Visit Europe's last Moorish fortress, the world's oldest Muslim palace, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The area inherited by Spain from the Nasrid Kingdom is not just another ancient fortress. It's unique for being the last remaining Moorish stronghold. Strange as it may seem, the oldest Muslim palace is located in the middle of Christian Spain. Visitors to Andalucia simply can't miss such an exotic. Alhambra is one of the most visited attractions in all of Spain receiving millions of tourists yearly. The highlights include Nasrid Palaces, the Alcazaba, the Bath of the Mosque, Generalife, and the Palace of Charles V. Surrounding gardens are equally stunning.

Alhambra is open to visitors all year round. Due to extreme popularity, it is crowded most of the times. Therefore, it's difficult to choose the best time. Regarding weather, April–June and October–November are the best. These seasons are correspondingly the most popular with visitors. To avoid crowds, we recommend winter months from December to March. July and August are extremely hot.

Speaking of the best time of a day, early mornings and late afternoons are better. If you choose summer season, it's essential to start with exploring the outdoors and continue indoors when it get's hot. It works the opposite for winter.

Regardless of the season chosen, we recommend buying your tickets online in advance to skip the lines. Guided tours are the most advantageous as they provide logistics benefits, your guide will take you to secret locations to get the best panoramas of beautiful Granada city. And what's the most important, you'll be able to learn the history from a local.

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