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Hiking in Sierra Nevada

Spain has many incredible places for hiking, where the beauty of the mountains can be fully experienced


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The Sierra Nevada landscape is diverse beyond imagination. The place is well-known for its climate because of the huge altitude range and variety of scenery. You will surely find excellent trekking there. The routes are not too complicated for beginners and the change in altitude always leads to a change of weather. If it gets too hot, you can easily change routes while still taking in the incredible views.

Many of the hikes are easily accessible from Granada, either by car or public transport. If you're looking for the best route, consider Beas de Granada, Cahorros, Cañada Sereno, Cruz de Víznar, Puente Palo Loop, Río Verde, Silleta de Padul and Vereda de la Estrella Loop. These places are famous for their lovely green waters, wildflowers, and amazing landscapes.

The hiking season in the Sierra Nevada is generally mid-May to mid-November for most of the trails. Summer in the mountains pleases with the fresh mornings and comfortable night-time temperatures.

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