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Motril Air Show 2024

Witness more-than-impressive aerial acrobatics at the Motril waterfront

Dates: June 9, 2024

Motril Air Show
Motril Air Show
Motril Air Show

Motril Air Show, also known as Festival Aéreo de Motril, stands as a premier international air show hosted at Pontiente Beach (Playa del Poniente) in Motril, situated south of Granada, Spain. Scheduled typically for early June, this event promises a single-day extravaganza, filled to the brim with captivating air demonstrations, appealing to enthusiasts of all ages.

Airborne Delights

As attendees gather at Pontiente Beach, they can expect to witness a mesmerizing array of airborne spectacles. From breathtaking aerobatic displays by both civil and military planes to the graceful maneuvers of helicopters and the thrilling descent of paratroopers, the Motril Air Show offers a diverse showcase of aviation prowess.

Featured Aircraft

Among the anticipated performers, the renowned Patrulla Aspa takes center stage, showcasing their precision and skill. Additionally, spectators can look forward to witnessing aircraft such as Pilatus PC-9M and CASA C-295. Notably, the event often welcomes jet fighters from various European countries, adding an international flair to the festivities.

Exciting Additions

The upcoming edition of the Motril Air Show in 2024 promises to offer several thrilling additions. Notably, the Turkish Air Force will introduce a single-aircraft aerobatic demonstration team, adding a new dimension to the aerial displays. Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the remarkable talents of Ainhoa Sánchez, Spain's first and only wingwalker, as she graces the skies above the Granada coast.

In addition to the live aerial performances, visitors can immerse themselves in innovative experiences such as the 3D Virtual Airshow. This cutting-edge feature allows attendees to interact with aircraft, explore intricate details, and witness real maneuvers through unprecedented animation.

History of Aeronautical Excellence

The Motril International Air Festival has a rich history, tracing its origins back to its inaugural edition in 2006. Initially conceived as a modest gathering of aviation enthusiasts at the Motril Municipal Heliport, the festival has evolved into one of Spain's most prominent air shows. Over the years, the organizers, spearheaded by the Andalusian Aeronautical Association Orión (AAAO), have worked tirelessly to elevate the event to its current esteemed status.

Promoting Aeronautical Culture

The Motril Air Show not only entertains but also serves as a platform for promoting aeronautical culture. The AAAO, based in Motril, Granada, is dedicated to disseminating and educating the public about all facets of aviation. Through a myriad of activities, the association aims to foster a greater appreciation for aviation among the community.

With its blend of thrilling aerial displays and economic benefits, the event captivates audiences and promotes tourism in the region. As preparations begin for the next edition, anticipation builds for what promises to be yet another unforgettable celebration of aviation excellence.

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