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Sierra Nevada Skiing in Alhambra and Granada

Your best winter vacation awaits in a mountain range in Southern Spain

Sierra Nevada Skiing
Sierra Nevada Skiing

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, in the province of Granada. The Sierra Nevada has an altitude of 2100 m with lifts going up to 3282 m.

This region is perfect for skiing in winter. The ski resort is divided into six ski areas: Veleta, Laguna de las Yeguas, Borreguiles, Loma Dílar, Parador y Río. The combined skiing area is more than 94 km, which means you will have plenty of ski routes to choose from. Additionally, there are many cross-country skiing circuits, a Snow Park, and recreational areas for non-skiers.

The ski season lasts from December to April.

Practical info

When can you ski in Sierra Nevada?

Skiing in Sierra Nevada is best between December and April when conditions are perfect for it. This is the time when the ski resort is open, offering a wide range of skiing options and recreational areas for non-skiers. The Sierra Nevada mountain range boasts an altitude going up to 3282 m, and visitors can enjoy skiing on its 2100 m peak. Show more

How high is the Sierra Nevada mountain range?

Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucia, Spain, rises up to 2100 m and has lifts that go up to 3282 m. This makes it a perfect skiing destination that offers visitors over 94 km of ski routes divided into six areas. People here usually ski during winter, and it is a popular spot for both tourists and locals who are skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Show more

How many areas does the Sierra Nevada ski resort have?

The Sierra Nevada ski resort in Southern Spain is divided into six distinct ski areas to provide ample skiing options for visitors. These areas include Veleta, Laguna de las Yeguas, Borreguiles, Loma Dílar, Parador, and Río, offering over 94 km of skiing routes. Apart from skiing, there are other recreational spots such as cross-country skiing circuits and areas for non-skiers to enjoy snow-based activities. Show more

What are the options for non-skiers in the Sierra Nevada ski resort?

In addition to skiing, the Sierra Nevada ski resort, Southern Spain, offers a wide range of facilities that non-skiers can enjoy, such as snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Visitors can also spend time at the Snow Park that has a zip line, tobogganing, and trampolines. There are also establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops where non-skiers can relax and pass the time while enjoying the snow. Show more

What activities are available at the Snow Park in Sierra Nevada?

The Snow Park in the Sierra Nevada ski resort is brimming with entertainment choices for visitors of all ages. The facility has recreational options such as a zip line, tobogganing, trampolines, and other thrilling activity options. For those wanting to take a break from skiing or in need of non-skiing activities, the Snow Park comes with shops, restaurants, cafes, and a variety of other facilities. Show more

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